Every small step makes a difference.


“I’ve been able to produce results every three months.”

(IT Engineer)


“Highly recommended to anyone who wants to add light to their lives.”

(Spiritual Counselor)


“I now feel more confident.”

(Daycare Teacher)

"I was able to see the difference between what I want and need to do. Getting into the habit of organizing my thoughts with words has helped change the way I approach problems. I’ve been able to produce results every three months.”


(H.E. / IT Engineer)

"Having tasks to attend to between sessions motivated me. I was able to realize that I am ready to face challenges. I highly recommend these sessions to anyone who wants to add light to their lives."


(A.M. / Spiritual Counselor)

"Having regular sessions helped me become aware of the things in everyday life that I let pass me by. Being able to think constructively rather than go around in circles has been helpful and effective, both in my work and personal life."


(M.N. / Flight Attendant)


 "These sessions came at a time when I couldn’t find the energy to do anything, though I’m usually an active person. At first, I was unsure that just talking to someone could change anything, but in three months, I had recovered a sense of who I was.


I was able to launch the business I’d been thinking about, and have been able to continue moving forward with confidence. I’m proud of what I’ve done at a time when it is very hard to go out and see other people. I was able to find my path, finally.


I’m so glad to have participated in these sessions.


I recommend these sessions to anyone looking to start their own business, or to change jobs. Anyone who wants to change their current environment."


- K.N. / Office Employee

"I had some misconceptions about coaching, thinking I was going to have my weaknesses pointed out to me, followed by an objective analysis of what my future should look like.


But it was nothing like that. Being accepted for who I am proved to be the most powerful aspect.


Yukiko helped me to organize my thoughts and expressions, no matter what state they were in, and by the end of each session, I always felt clear-headed. I now feel more confident about who I am.”


- A.E. / Daycare Teacher